Bad Vibrations through Pollutants?


26.02.2019 | Bielefeld, Germany – The “Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation” is the test winner of the world famous independent German test magazine, founded in 1964 by the German federal parliament in order to help consumers by providing impartial and objective information based on the results of comparative investigations of goods and services, called “Stiftung Warentest “test””, issue 2/2019, for layon vibrators.

One would think that manufacturers of sex toys pay special attention to the use of pollutant-free materials in their products as sex toys are designed to come into contact with the most intimate and irritable zones of the body. This is precisely why the customer will prefer an expensive product to a cheaper product when buying sex toys, as the expensive product suggests quality and safety to the customer. The customer is wrong!

A recent study of the Stiftung Warentest in the magazine “test”, issue 2/2019 on the pollutant load of sex toys, shows a different and deeply frightening picture: Customers who are willing to pay a lot of money for their supposedly pleasure-bringing vibrator do not get a safe, pollutant-free pleasure, but certainly one for free: a large amount of pollutants on the mucous membranes of the most intimate zones and thus a great health risk!satisfyer-pro-2-boxed-image-shot-12

Some manufacturers simply don’t seem to care about the health of their customers, and one asks himself: What does the customer pay so much money for? Some of the sex toys tested were heavily contaminated with harmful substances. The “We-Vibe Sync Couples Vibrator” – a couples vibrator – was so heavily loaded that it should not have been sold at all. The products of the brand “We-Vibe” come from the same group as the “Womanizer”. With the couples vibrator “Partner Plus Remote”, Satisfyer also offers an alternative. The test result is particularly shocking – just two of the most expensive products did poorly. And, both products come from the same group.

After the test of the “Stiftung Warentest” it is certain that expensive vibrators do not automatically mean quality: The “Womanizer Pro 500” was the most expensive vibrator in the test (165 EUR) and only received the grade “satisfactory” (converted in the American System: C) due to its pollutant load. The “Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation” – with 42 EUR significantly cheaper – on the other hand achieved a “good” (converted into the American system: A-). With this excellent result, the “Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation” was the clear winner in tested layon vibrators. The “Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation” has clearly defeated the more than 100 euros more expensive “Womanizer Pro 500”!

Customers who value their health as well as their purse and want a safe pollutant-free pleasure should therefore choose the “Satisfyer Pro 2 Next generation” instead of putting their money in the expensive pollutant-loaded “Womanizer Pro 500”. The “Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation” leads to unique sexual climaxes and is made of skin-friendly silicone which is besides easy to clean. This makes the “Satisfyer pro 2 Next generation” far superior to the expensive and polluted “Womanizer Pro 500”.

The test result makes the “Satisfyer” team proud and truly satisfied: “Sex toys obviously have a lot of contact with mucous membranes. This makes it all the more important to us that our “Satisfyer” is clean, and that the pleasure of our customers does not suffer from any harmful substances. The customer is for us the first priority and with our “Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation” one gets clean, pollution-free fun at a fair price” Nadine Schwalbe, Senior Brand & Sales Manager.

This text is written and provided by Satisfyer.