Baci Lingerie Featured Spanish Celeb Susana Molina

28.05.2014 | Los Angeles, California, USA – Baci Lingerie is featured in popular European magazine Interviu’s photo spread with celebrity Susana Molina. Adorning the sexy winner of “Big Brother Spain” Season 14 is the most recent example of the brand’s growing demand in the Spanish market thanks to efforts from Baci Lingerie’s regional partner. The Baci styles featured in the photo layout include Jacquard Pantyhose Style No. 1047 and Lace Kimono Robe Style No. 708.

Over the past several years, susana molina Baci Lingerie has been a brand on the rise in Spain. Baci Lingerie’s Spanish partner continually does an exceptional job of getting involved with the local market and ensuring the brand remains in the news.
“We love using Baci to represent our models and our store,” said Baci’s Spanish Partner Elizabeth of Grutinet Spain. “The collections are both easy to work with and extensive, giving us a variety of hot content which draws customers in. This was a fun day and we look forward to many more.” Grutinet’s inclusion of Baci in its local and regional marketing and advertising greatly increases the brand’s exposure and demand in Spain.
“Our Spanish partner continues to do an exceptional job of marketing Baci Lingerie to its consumers,” says Baci Lingerie Director of Global Sales & Operations. “All of our international partners bring different and exciting strategies to the table, and by sharing them with each other, we can ensure Baci’s global success.” For more information, visit