Armstrong’s ‘The J.O.B.’ will star Wicked Girls

Wicked Pictures

11.03.2016 | Los Angeles, California, USA – Wicked Pictures announced that production has wrapped on award-winning filmmaker Brad Armstrong’s feature production The J.O.B. starring Wicked Girls jessica drake and Asa Akira. Armstrong’s innovative project blurs the line between fantasy and reality by using Akira’s acclaimed book Insatiable: Porn—A Love Story – famously dubbed “part memoir, part diary, and part dirty haiku” by the press – as the springboard for a sophisticated ‘meta-porn’ drama set amidst the fast-paced world of adult filmmaking.

For her part, Akira is characteristically candid when discussing the unorthodox project, which deconstructs the acts of creating and performing in erotic films. “In a weird way, shooting The J.O.B. was the most naked I’ve ever felt on a set. Not only do I play myself in this movie, but Brad also incorporated a lot of my book into the script, which was both flattering and mortifying. It’s very exciting to see my book used in this way, but the scenes where jessica’s character Zoe [a reporter who’s been assigned the task of interviewing a ‘published porn star’] quotes parts of the book to me made me want to curl up into a ball and die. I think it’s probably because jessica and I are real-life friends, and it felt like she had found my diary and was reading it aloud to my face. What did make me laugh a few times, though, was how well Brad wrote my lines; it was the easiest script I’ve ever had to memorize, because my character spoke exactly like me – all her dialogue was stuff I would normally be saying.”

Turning to the production’s rich and varied sex scenes, Ms. Akira again found art imitating life. “Because Brad was playing the director, and I was playing myself, and many of the sex scenes were meant to be ‘porno scenes,’ there were funny moments where nobody was sure which of Brad’s directions were real, and which were part of the movie. It was very confusing and meta, and made for some laughs. My favorite scene was definitely the ten-person-orgy. We haven’t done a big orgy like that since Aftermath, and I certainly hadn’t forgotten how much I enjoy them. I hope we never go orgy-less for that long again.”
Relating to the project’s ‘meta-movie’ qualities was a challenge eagerly accepted by AVN Mainstream Star of the Year jessica drake. “In a way, the role of Zoe was easy because I had read Asa’s book multiple times, and getting to pick her brain about it was a dream come true. I feel like Asa and I play really well off of each other, and it goes beyond my admiration and lust for her. She’s so great to work with, and so easy to be around, that it never really feels like work…except maybe to Brad. Keeping us in line might be one of the biggest accomplishments of his career, and we love his efforts! He once again used his awesome screenwriting ability to create roles that are perfectly suited to all of us- Asa is herself in the movie, and I channeled my inner ‘awkward girl’ from school, and the other players are equally authentic in their portrayal, from the ‘smarmy’ director to the enthusiastic new starlet and everyone in between, it’s a great cast!” The movie’s other female performers include Adriana Chechik, Luna Star, Katie Morgan, Mia Li and Teanna Trump. In addition to Armstrong, the male cast is comprised of Ryan Driller, Tommy Gunn, Alex Jones, Eric Masterson, Damon Dice, Alec Knight and, in his Wicked feature debut, fan favorite Keiran Lee.

drake - akira“Every sex scene was hot,” drake says of the movie’s many hardcore sequences. “My favorites would be my scene with Asa – who was supposed to be dominating me, but the tables somehow got turned. Next, I loved the the voyeur / masturbation / blowjob scene on an airline flight, which was part of the movie within our movie, and my scene with Eric Masterson. We ended with an awesome orgy, which I can’t wait to see. That one reminded us that no Armstrong movie is complete without a signature orgy!”
Although his witty and erotic movie-within-a-within movie is packed with six strong sex scenes and timely references to everything from the San Fernando Valley gas leak to the 2016 Presidential Race, Armstrong credits the Wicked Girls with keeping the action relatable. “These two superstars shine in this movie,” he enthuses. “Their understated, natural performances make you believe every word, and make you feel like you’re right there inside the story with them. And the orgy really is one of the most exciting scenes I’ve ever shot. The raw sexual energy filled the room and no one involved wanted it to be over. Viewers are really gonna love it.”
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