Anal Ese – anal cream introduced

16.02.2015| Beneden Leeuwen, Netherlands – Shots Media, introduces a new anal cream called Anal Ese – anal cream.

This cream is an anal cream formula, which has been improved on three different levels. Anal Ese – anal cream feels creamy, it comfortably numbs sensitive areas, and also has a fresh minty scent. Anal sex has become more comfortable, but also a lot safer, when Anal Ese – anal cream is applied. Anal Ese – anal cream reduces possible irritant effects of anal sex in three ways.
RS16357_TOU066-lprFirstly, it shortly numbs the anus cell’s sensitivity by a slightly anesthetizing effect to the skin. The special composition of the cream, diminishes any painful sensations that might take place in the anal area. Secondly, for safety It is important that a lubricant is able to reduce the friction between the penis and the anus down to a minimum. Anal Ese – anal cream has a higher level of slipperiness, making anal sex slicker, slipperier, comfier and thus safer. The fear of pain or tear or discomfort is gone.
Thirdly, a fresher minty scent was added to Anal Ese – anal cream, to do away with nasty odours, which can sometimes occur when anal sex is not well prepared. The new Anal Ese – anal cream is on a water basis and is condom safe. Anal Ese – anal cream is available in 50 ml dispenser bottles and are now in stock. Shots Media has enough Anal Ese on shelves to meet popular demand.
This new anal product by Shots Media is part of their Touché erotic product line. The Touché brand is a product line with an exclusive appeal, which exists of a variety of over a hundred different erotic items, ranging from toys, performance oils, massage oils, to cosmetics, lubes and many more. For further information visit