Add some heat this winter with Kama Sutra

09.02.2017 | Almere, The Netherlands – Add a sensational touch of warmth this winter with the luxurious Oil of Love by quality drugstore brand Kama Sutra. This luscious kissable oil will spoil your senses and bring the heat to your bedroom during those cold winter nights. Discover it today at Scala Playhouse!

The trendy drugstore brand Kama Sutra has all the wellness essentials for a night of intimate passion. The sensual products are made of premium ingredients, allowing for a body-safe, comfortable experience. One of the highlights from the Kama Sutra assortment at Scala Playhouse is the luxurious Oil of Love. Perfect for naughty foreplay, this unique oil will definitely add some heat to those dark winter nights…

The Oil of Love by Kama Sutra is a kissable oil that gently warms on the skin. The product invites a lover to kiss and savor wk03_pb_SIGN_KamaSutra_400x300their partner’s body, while leaving the skin feeling deliciously soft and delicately scented. This sensual oil, packaged in an elegant bottle, is a great choice for consumers who want to spice up their foreplay and spend more time exploring each other’s bodies in a playful, non-intimidating way. The Oil of Love comes in various indulgent flavors, so there is a tasty match for every preference. Our favorites? Tropical Mango; an irresistible taste of a juicy, ripe and very sweet Mango fruit, Vanilla; a luscious taste of creamy vanilla flavor reminiscent of fresh baked sugar cookies, and Passionate Peach; with the rich taste of ripe summer peaches, sweet and very juicy.

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