A letter to the industry


01.06.2016 | Delmenhorst, Germany – Hello friends from the industry,


We from the Sign Magazine decided to stop from today the corporation with the Asian shows.
The Asian shows have been customers who paid for their adverts in our magazines.
In the future, if Asian companies request for advertising in the magazine we’ll submit the request to an industry panel.
Also we already cancelled adverts of some Asian companies last month.
The plan was always to help our customers to get into the Asian market and not the other direction.
It is very important for us to know from the industry, if Asian companies do plagiarism or copies of original products.
Let us talk together how we can open new markets for the industry.
We from the Sign Magazine have a new cooperation with a show in Brazil. It´s called “Intimi Expo’” and also with one in Russia called “ERO Expo”.

Best regards