A booty-full new selection from Magic Silk

exposed bymagicsilk

16.05.2018 | Hauppauge, New York, USA – Magic Silk has a simple maxim: more of a good thing is a great thing. Heeding this philosophy, they are pleased to present the newest additions to their top selling Exposed multi-pack line, Booty Packs.

These beautiful collections offer sensuality and variety, allowing women to choose the perfect outfit for every environment and mood. These days, everyone wants “The Big O,” meaning Options. Twelve different themes are available, including Cross-Dye Lace, Tear Drop G-String, Ruffle Lace Thong, Side Ties, and an assortment of crotchless, fishnet, and mesh designs. These daring undergarments are offered in the most comfortable and attractive fabrics on the market -soft lace, silk mesh, and faux leather for the always desirable wet look. Just pick your style, choose your size (S/M, L/XL or Queen), and look exquisite.G3PK106_LS

High quality apparel demands high end packaging, and Magic Silk delivers. Booty Packs come in daring, creatively designed boxes with masterful photography depicting sensationally attractive models. Vivid graphics feature a soft charcoal damask pattern set against a pearl background, accented by textured and holographic logos. Alternatively, the garments come with hangtags and can be hung and sold separately, allowing customers to mix and match pieces if they prefer.

Booty Packs are available for immediate shipment. Contact Magic Silk today, and add sizzle and selection to your store displays.