07.05.2015 | Los Angeles, California, USA — Accomplished director/performer Toni Ribas will debut as Evil Angel’s newest pornographer May 20. That’s when “All Stuffed Up,” his brand new epic of two-on-one debauchery, premieres on DVD and VOD. Ribas and fellow Spanish stud Ramon Nomar team up to manhandle flexible, insatiable XXX starlets in furious double penetration, double vaginal and double anal action.

“‘All Stuffed Up’ is a movie that I have been wanting to do for some time,” reports Ribas. “Ramon and me have been working together for many, many years, and I had the feeling that many girls wanted to have DP scenes with us. Having the girls wanting to go that extra mile, and knowing that with our cooperation we could take the scenes to high levels of intensity, was key.”
Evil Angel founder John posterStagliano observes that in “All Stuffed Up,” Ribas and Nomar “excel in explicit double penetration and many other kinky visuals as they lay rough sex on exceptional women. And these women are truly exceptional! It takes some real power to keep up with them.”
Ribas’ cast of gold medal sexual athletes includes busty, elaborately tattooed Bonnie Rotten (AVN’s Female Performer Of 2014); bodacious blonde Carter Cruise; scorching L.A. Latina Vicki Chase; and pale, brown-eyed horn-dog Veruca James. “I wanted to have strong performers, famous for their great DP scenes, put to the test by the Spaniards!” says Ribas. “And I feel that we succeeded. Every scene is over the top, with all the girls pushing themselves in the scenes and getting lost in the sex.”
Rotten gets DP’d like a rag doll, with vivid, double-anal footage. Her intestines graphically prolapse and her cunt blasts multiple geysers of girl squirt. Ribas and Nomar train Cruise in Español while drilling her holes, or vice versa. She’s giddy through thorough DP, double vag, double anal, even a toe-and-dick combo. Chase brings her adorable ass and sex kitten smile to a rough sodomy session. She sucks both pricks in an oral DP, which escalates to hair pulling, choking, ass-to-mouth sucking, tit slaps and spanking, plus Chase’s dirty, bilingual oaths. James howls and cries in DP joy, her butthole gaping. She jerks jism up her nose and over teeth. “They all knew this was about going to your limits,” notes the director, “and they did it.”
According to Ribas, the goal for a great double anal scene is a natural flow, “when it just happens because the girl is so into it that she just wants to keep getting railed as hard as possible,” without interrupting momentum to set up the shot. “Obviously it has to be wide open for the camera to see, but the most important part is to capture the intensity of the reality of the moment, to capture how she’s so turned on that she wants more, and gets it!”
When it comes to double penetration debauchery, Ribas clearly gets it. Fans can get a load of his first Evil Angel movie right now in the trailer at EvilAngelVideo.com. Then “All Stuffed Up” hits the streets on May 20, making the entire world Double Penetration Nation. For more information about Evil Angel Wholesale, visit their B2B site EvilDistributor.com.

16.04.2015 | Los Angeles, California, USA — Evil Angel has announced the signing of its newest pornographer. The prestigious studio will be the home of seasoned adult filmmaker/performer Toni Ribas starting May 20, when he makes his Evil Angel debut with “All Stuffed Up.” “I can’t be any more excited to be releasing my movies at Evil,” says the Barcelona native, who has been busy in the XXX industry since 1994.

“I’m still working on my new lines,” reports Ribas, “but I can tell you what I’m looking for in my movies: I like to portray women as beautiful as I can, sensual, sexy and with attitude. Most important is their attitude, how they want to show themselves, how they play for the camera.” Ribas says he wants his Evil Angel videos to be known for “girls looking their best and letting go, just enjoying themselves and putting their sexual fantasies out there for us.”
“Porn is about sex,” declarestoni ribas Evil Angel founder John Stagliano. “Getting good sex is about chemistry between the performers. Tony is a performer who relates well to women.”
Ribas expounds on that chemistry: “When we get to the sex I like to just follow and let them get into it, ’cause I believe the good things just happen and you have to be ready to capture it, especially at this level with the best performers in the biz. I want to see them get lost and be real. I feel that there’s a magic moment when that happens and there’s a connection between the performers. One of the most important things is to match the right people together.”
Stagliano likes what he’s seeing from Ribas. “In his first movie for Evil Angel, performing with his Spanish cohort Ramon Nomar, they excel in explicit double penetration and many other kinky visuals as they lay rough sex on exceptional women. And these women in ‘All Stuffed Up’ are truly exceptional! It takes some real power to keep up with them.” Indeed, Ribas’ Evil premiere presents porn luminaries Bonnie Rotten, Vicki Chase and Carter Cruise looking their best, but lost in lust. Concludes Stagliano, “Toni has experience producing and directing many kinds of movies. His technical skills are outstanding. He is a perfect fit at Evil.”
Ribas feels humble about that fit. “Everyone at Evil is really good at what they do,” he says. “To be a director at Evil is an honor. I have the most respect for all of them and I hope to find my spot among them.” One way is to bring his performance prowess to his product, as he does in “All Stuffed Up,” but he says that in general, “I like to [cast] a variety of talent.”
Ribas arrives at Evil Angel with an impressive adult business resume. In 2001 he started directing for various companies, and after racking up over 100 directing credits, he discusses his influences: “I was lucky to meet Andrew Blake very early in my career, and he was a great inspiration. He gave me great advice and motivated me to go to cinema school. I admire how he could make the girls look their absolute best. From Patrick Collins I learned a lot also. Patrick has a gift to make girls comfortable with their sexuality and get them to explore and do things for him. And John Stagliano, I can still now remember clearly when I saw one of his movies for the first time, and [thought] OK, this is what it’s about, the intention. He masters the perversion of the mind, what we really want to see, and this applies to what I want to do. Blake makes them look pretty; Collins creates a climax and gets them to let go for the camera; and John has the intention, the perversion.”
Ribas estimates ribas logothat he’s performed in between 2000 and 3000 scenes (“Good times!”) since losing his on-camera virginity at 18 in a Spanish production called “Venganza Sexual” (“Sexual Revenge”). “I was studying and doing random jobs when I saw an ad looking for girls for a porn movie, and I said to myself, ‘What the fuck?! I want in!’ They actually had the guys already, so I wasn’t selected, but the morning of the shoot — that was a Sunday morning, they called me at 8:00 a.m. to see if I could go ’cause they lost the guys.” He laughs, “I [had gone] to sleep at 7:00 a.m. — 18 years old, you know. So I went there and did three scenes that day, [taking on] the main role of the movie and starting my career from there.”
His career has come a long way. Since 2012 he has been married to porn superstar Asa Akira. And now Toni Ribas is Evil Angel’s newest director.

09.04.2015 | Van Nuys, California, USA – Evil Angel, home to the most highly awarded, influential and groundbreaking performers and directors in adult entertainment, is well-known for hard-core adult films that cater to every adult fetish. The company has expanded its audience reach by giving a platform to talented female directors that recently have become powerhouse players themselves.

Female directors such as Evil Angel’s Aiden Starr, Francesca Le and Dana Vespoli are becoming more popular and in-demand as the landscape of pornography changes to indulge the dirty minds of the so-called fairer sex.
A “lifestyle fetish player” drawn to the dark side of the sexual spectrum, Aiden Starr’s brand of erotic expression is on par with the depraved minds of Evil Angel’s male mainstays, such as Joey Silvera, Jonni Darkko and company founder John Stagliano. “I really feel at home at Evil Angel with the other perverts,” says Starr, who was seemingly born to be a dominatrix. While working in New York as a fetish model and performer, Starr managed a prominent fetish dungeon; she later opened a dungeon herself when she moved to Los Angeles. Starr’s performance in “Belladonna’s Girl Train” won a 2009 AVN Award for Best All-Girl 3-Way Sex Scene.
Francesca Le has directed over 150 adult films in the 13 years she and director/performer husband Mark Wood have operated LeWood Productions. She understands the value of developing talent with a different point of view, to entice more viewers. Le’s films are beloved by fans and critics, having earned multiple AVN Awards, because she’s free to shoot the wild, hard-core content of her fantasies.
Dana Vespoli, who has won numerous adult film awards for directing (including Best Transsexual Release), has seen many changes in her 12-year career, as women have taken the opportunity to control of their place in the adult industry without the persistent stigma of victimization. Vespoli had been a porn fan from an early age, often renting movies during college. She came into the business as a fan of Stagliano, Silvera and John Leslie. Now, Vespoli has become a peer of some of the directors she admired. She shoots her own camera and stills, preferring to work with a very small cast and crew. Vespoli’s primary interests are themes of gender and power transgression, psychosexual elements and, of course, hard-core sex.
“Women are sexy, in an alluring way that men are not,” says company founder John Stagliano. “They work on the art of being sexy in their personal lives. This gives them insights men don’t have into turning on their sex partners. Couple this with my observation that women tend on average to be kinkier than men, and you have a very interesting porn resource.” It’s no longer a man’s world… at least not in the adult industry.

17.02.2015 | Los Angeles, California, USA – When former intern Veronica Vain traded in her Wall Street job for a career in porn, she made big splashes in both mainstream and social media. Now Evil Angel’s Manuel Ferrara and filmmaking/performing partner Kayden Kross have staked exclusive claim to the sexy, young Vain’s virgin experience in adult entertainment.

Director Ferrara and the ambitious Kross will feature Vain in “Screwing Wall Street: The Arrangement Finders Play.” In all, four full sex scenes will debut on EvilAngel.com, and then Evil Angel will release the entire project on DVD in the Spring of 2015. The first segment is set to today premiere on the website.
vainVain explains how she decided where to market her assets: “Kayden was one of the few porn stars I actually knew prior to researching porn, because she was brilliant and beautiful and I had stumbled across her blogs one day and fell in love with her. Manuel and Evil Angel were the icing on the cake. But regardless, Kayden, Manuel and Evil Angel alone would not have swayed my decision; it was the potential to bring product placement into pornography, and therefore open new revenue streams to the industry, that came with the trio. That really got my Wall Street side excited, and I jumped on it. The payout wasn’t too shabby, either.”
“Screwing Wall Street: The Arrangement Finders Play” is “the first adult feature to be significantly funded by product placement,” according to Kross. “The money that Arrangement Finders put up to make this film and to lock in Veronica Vain’s first scene also allowed her to have possibly the biggest first scene payout in adult [movie] history.” The ArrangementFinders.com website connects women with men offering financial support; their name is placed in the movie title.
Vain’s venture synergizes the Wall Street and erotic facets of her personality portfolio. “This dialogue scene parodies the meeting of Bud Fox and Gordon Gekko in the movie ‘Wall Street,’” says Kross. “Considering the wave of media around the ‘Wall Street Porn Star,’ we thought it was important to incorporate that aspect into the movie we made around her.” Vain’s story has recently been in the New York Post, New York Daily News, Business Insider and all over the Internet.
The dialogue of the premiere precedes a full, explicit pairing of Vain and veteran cocksman Ferrara. “This scene is an incredibly strong performance — not for a first time performer, but in general,” says Ferrara. “Veronica is an extremely sexual person, and it reads on camera.”
Ms. Vain is bullish on her career transition as she learns the ropes. “I was surprised by how 90 percent of the day is just shooting the dialogue and doing makeup and photos and whatever, and only 10 percent was the actual sex,” comments Vain. She loves “worry-free bareback sex,” and is ready for the girl-girl scenes she’ll be doing in the movie. “I’m a little intimidated, especially to work with the likes of Kayden and Stoya, who are so much more experienced. However, I’m also excited for the challenge.” See more at www.EvilAngel.com.

30.01.2015 | Van Nuys, California, USA – Adult industry production studio Evil Angel has struck the latest blow against California state regulatory agency Cal/OSHA’s campaign to derail X-rated entertainment.

In an administrative hearing held yesterday in Covina, Calif., Cal/OSHA dropped all charges against Evil Angel as related to adult movie production. The move came almost a year and a half after the agency’s inspection of Evil Angel’s office, and a year after citations were issued. Evil Angel had vigorously denied any wrongdoing against the unfounded production-related charges.
Dropped charges evilangel logo included such catchphrases as “bloodborne pathogens” and “other potentially infectious materials (OPIM),” as well as ample references to vaginal, anal and oral sex. All that remains is for the administrative law judge in the case to rule on minor violations.
“Yesterday OSHA made a motion to the judge to drop all of the production citations,” said Evil Angel CFO Adam Grayson. “All of what remains is ticky-tack warehouse stuff, the same you would find in any warehouse in California, big or small, adult or otherwise. An extension cord here, an unlabeled breaker switch there.”
Evil Angel owner John Stagliano led the fight. “We are in a culture war. Many people would love to have the power to control what we do with our bodies,” said Stagliano. “The porn industry by its very existence fights for freedom, for the freedom to do what you want with your body and show that to the world. This is a small victory in the war on our freedom.“
Attorney Karen Tynan, who has represented a number of other adult companies in OSHA cases, represented Evil Angel in the matter. “We never considered settlement, we always knew we were in the right, and John refused to be bullied by the State of California,” said Tynan. “I can’t praise John Stagliano enough for what he’s done for the adult industry. I’m so proud to have worked with him and Adam to defend Evil Angel and the industry.” For more information about Evil Angel please visit www.evilangel.com.

18.11.2014 | Van Nuys, California, USA – Evil Angel was honored at the adult industry’s annual Inked Awards on November 6th with three trophies, including DVD of the Year for “Inked Angels 3”, Studio of the Year and Achievement Award 2014.

The awards show, which was broadcast live on BlogTalkRadio’s Inked Angels Radio, recognizes talent in the adult industry who proudly wear tattoo art as a part of their identity, their journey in life and personal cultural symbolism, and honors their achievements in the adult industry.
“People who commit to many tattoos director all over their bodies have a special quality: they tend to be open-minded, fearless, artistic… they’re fascinating people,” said director Kevin Moore. “We are proud to be recognized for our hard work, and appreciate the folks at the Inked Awards for noticing our accomplishments alongside our colorful performers who make our movies worth watching.”
“Inked Angels 3” stars Karmen Karma, Sarah Jessie, Aimee Black and Sheena Rose and is directed by the inimitable Moore, who theorizes with viewers that “tattoos indicate bad girls love to fuck” and interviews the ladies about their personal body art and what tattoos mean to them before the hardcore action begins.
For more information about Evil Angel Wholesale, visit their B2B site www.EvilDistributor.com.

28.10.2014 | Van Nuys, California, USA – Adult film director Jonni Darkko will release “Holly Hanna’s Ass Fucked Open,” which stars the delectable Holly Hanna.

Adult film stars that were given the opportunity in the movie to enjoy Holly, her ass, and other parts of her incredible body include Chris Stokes, Mick Blue, Chad White, and Adriana Chechik. The film will be released on November 3rd, through Evil Angel Productions.
“This movie has everything in it I would want to do,” says Holly. “My first DP scene, double vag, double anal, and all in one Scene! This is definitely a jaw dropper!” Ms. Hanna put in the quality time to make sure her movie lived up to her high standards, and her fan’s delight. “The shooting days got interse, very fast! I actually did a baseball bat, and tried to double stuff myself with the bat while Mick Blue was fucking me. I was double-stuffed in another scene, and Adriana Chechik sucked a “cum-coction” out my ass while I was stretched open wide with a speculum!”
Holly loved working with her cast and crewing, saying “the cast and crew were amazing. I had tons of fun of camera and shooting the behind the scenes footage!”
“Holly was an incredible actress to work with,” says Darkko. “She truly pushes the envelope with this movie, and I know fans of her will be excited to see what she can do with orifices incredible women I find who are simply amazing on camera.”
Darkko continues. “Holly is an amazing talent. She brings a lot of energy and fun to set! Two words come to mind. Anal Queen! What she does with her ass is nothing short of amazing! Watching her fist herself was hot. I think everyone will agree. It was an honor to film her first DP and double anal. I see a lot more nasty hardcore things from Holly!”

22.08.2014 | Van Nuys, California, USA – Lexington Steele Productions and Evil Angel continue their winning streak with the third installment of powerhouse performer/director Steele’s award-winning interracial series ‘Lex Turns Evil 3’, another dark taste of the most Evil man in porn, available September 3rd.

Steele expertly zooms in and assesses the finest asses in porn: XXX rookie sensation Bella Bellz takes Steele to the root in an ass-pounding deep-dish anal performance; Savannah Fox opens her phenomenal booty to Steele’s 1-footer for the ultimate anal scene that will leave viewers in shock. Newbie Brianna Brooks takes on Steele for the first time in a mutually passionate power-drilling, and in her first-ever interracial scene, Kelsi Monroe engulfs the Steele post with an unmatched rabid ferocity.
“Bella is now a personal favorite of mine and I look forward to working with her again,” said Steele. “Kelsi and I will dance again sometime very soon, and it will be my pleasure to shoot Brianna and Savannah again, perhaps adding another performer to make it even hotter.”film logo
After winning Best Interracial Release at this year’s AVN Awards with ‘Lex Turns Evil’, Steele knew he needed to dig deeper and plunge the depths of his co-stars’ abilities to create ever-hotter scenes that would live up to the well-earned hype of the first two.
“I love making great XXX movies and this movie reminded why I love this business so much. The ladies were incredible and each went willingly to the brink of their capabilities. They were all up to the challenge and pushed me to my limits, as well,” said Steele. “’Lex Turns Evil 3’ represents the highest caliber of the BBC IR genre.”
For more information about Evil Angel wholesale please visit www.evildistributor.com.

31.07.2014 | Los Angeles, California, USA – Christian Mann, General Manager at Evil Angel Productions, passed away after a long period of disease. He lived from February 3, 1961 to July 30, 2014. The adult entertainment industry expresses its sincere condolence to his wife, family and friends.